What is a risk assement?

A risk assement is an information gathering acvitiy, where technology, processses and people are exaimed and interviewed to determine possible risk. Risk covers areas from supply chain, insider threat, technical risk and process risk. All areas that could cause negative business outcomes or loss of technology.

What will you get with this assement?

A very detailed PDF summary of findings and ways to remidate them. Findings will be linked to NIST 800-30 standards. The end goal from the report would be a personalized view of areas of improvement by listing out the following: List of risk and threats, Chances of things going wrong, impact of those things going wrong and ways to address going in the future

Customer Reviews

Deep Hollow has been a great resource for us on several projects and has a deep knowledge and understanding of cyber security and the information technology space. They assisted us with a risk assessment that gave us actionable information that spearheaded a complete cyber security awareness and action plan.” -Conexus